Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday

If your little farmer or farmette has a birthday coming up you might want to consider joining us for a big barnyard bash! We’re already taking bookings for the upcoming season's farm birthday parties!

With all the different party choices out there, what makes Springridge an ideal place for your child’s celebration?

Spend the day outside without ruining your own lawn! Partygoers will play in and explore the Fun Farm Yard, which features corn trails, straw bale jumping, pipe slides, web climber and giant sandbox. Hike up to the Lookout and learn about local landmarks.

Have a blast mastering the pedal tractor track! This exciting activity has everyone smiling as they zoom around straw bales on mini-tractors!

We’ll take everyone on a farm tour wagon ride! Enjoy scenic views of the Niagara Escarpment while the children find out how we grow strawberries and pumpkins.

Save your own pet from being poked by a roomful of kids, as we will pay a visit to the Animal Barn! Everyone can observe the chickens, rabbits, pigeons, turkeys, peacocks and goats. Children even get to collect a real egg from the chicken coop.

The kids will get creative with decorating their own basket for collecting chicken eggs. They will also make a birthday mural for the birthday child.

Party hosts will lead the pack so you get to enjoy the party too! Each party is hosted by an enthusiastic and experienced high-school student who will make sure everything runs smoothly for you.

When you book a birthday at the farm your package includes a pizza party! Lunch is a personal size cheese pizza, apple juice and delicious birthday cupcake!

So what are you going to encounter at the farm that’s not listed in our birthday party rundown?

1. You could have the chance for a meet and greet with Farmer John! John is like a celebrity at Springridge and he'd love to chat with you about growing the perfect strawberry.

2. On a clear day you can Eye Spy the CN Tower from the Lookout!

3. Get the real farm experience by practicing milking Bessie the Plywood Cow!

Watch an overview of Springridge Farm Birthday Parties!

For more information or to book your farm birthday party call Kim (905) 878-4908 M-F, 8:30-4:30.

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  1. Hey!! Glad to know about the session’s farm birthday party. My niece will be celebrating her birthday next week and have booked one of her favorite San Francisco venues for her party. Want to make her party really enjoyable.