Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Shopping News

We are in full swing at the farm and this season we are featuring many new and exciting product lines! Next time you visit us, look for these fabulous food and gift items in the barn.

Saigon Soul Food: You’ll definitely recognize their Spring Rolls from the Milton Market! Their tasty Vietnamese appetizers and stews are prepared locally in Hamilton using the freshest produce and legumes. Try the Curry Chicken Stew over a bed of rice or serve your guests their specialty Chicken Curry Delights. Saigon Soul Food also offers Gluten Free Spring Rolls and several sauces to accompany the Asian treats.

Pavlo Pottery: Located in Rockton, Pavlo creates his functional pieces using a traditional potter’s wheel. One of the most interesting items in his collection is the wine chiller with tumbler glasses that have indents to fit your finger grip! Sipping from the wine tumblers will have you feeling like you’re soaking up the sun in a rustic vineyard. Pavlo’s pottery collection also includes salad bowls, salsa dishes, pickle trays and mugs.

Trudeau Acrylic Tableware: Perfect for the patio or poolside entertaining, the high quality acrylic tableware is a seasonal must-have item. Available in wine, tumbler, rocks glass and pitcher, it’s easy to imagine enjoying a refreshing lemonade and outdoor summer living! For those people that stand by glassware, there is a new line of elegant water, champagne, martini and wine glasses available too.

Wicked Gourmet: With the philosophy ‘you don’t know how good our product is until you taste it’, Wicked Gourmet products are certainly worth trying in your kitchen! Their sauces, rubs, dips and spreads are prepared in Oakville with a focus on flavor and customer satisfaction. You may have sampled Wicked Gourmet at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and now we are excited to be a Wicked retailer!

Books: Springridge has become a destination for culinary books and books of interest. New in the shop is The Canadian Living: Barbecue Collection. This book contains the best barbecue recipes from the Canadian Living kitchen. Recipes for shrimp to corn on the cob to pizza will surely shake up your summer grilling. Also new to Springridge is How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. This is a fun gift for a green thumb or makes for perfect reading in your backyard gazebo!

In other news: Springridge Farm presents an Evening with Lucy Waverman. RSVP to to join us for an evening of gourmet food, book signing and shopping! Spaces are limited.