Thursday, March 1, 2012

News from the Jam Team

Over the winter, our dream team is our jam team! If you follow us on Twitter, we are always updating about what flavour the #JamTeam is making as well as sharing photos of the ingredients. Jam production is a long-standing tradition at Springridge. All of our jams are made in our farm kitchen and are stirred, poured, lidded and labeled by hand.

One of the best things about working in the barn during jam production is the sensational smell of citrus and berries. On many days, we all go home perfumed with oranges from cooking marmalade. Other days we experience Eau de Garden Fresh Chili Sauce, which is slightly more fragrant than the fruit jams!

Every year, we add the excitement of creating a new, limited edition jam! Two years ago we developed 50th Anniversary Jam and last year we made our infamous, Royal Wedding Marmalade. This year, we are honouring Queen Elizabeth II with a special Diamond Jubilee Jam. This majestic strawberry jam features a splash of celebratory champagne and will be available when we open for the season on April 5, 2012!

Royal Watchers will find that Diamond Jubilee Jam is the perfect accompaniment to tea parties, brunches and special occasions throughout the year as well as an extraordinary treat to enjoy during the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend in June.

Other jams our team is making include Blueberry, Summerberry, Chocolate Raspberry, Cherry Brandy and Strawberry to name a few!

And…drum roll please…we are delighted to announce that Royal Wedding Marmalade is back by popular demand! Now you can relive the memories of the Royal Wedding on your toast every morning!

Look for new sauces, brie toppers and pickled products on the shelves this spring too.